tournament important-information
Tournament manual

Tournament manual

Welcome to the Football Cup Barcelona October tournament!

We would like you to take same time to read and study all the information. More information will be also added/updated.


  • in Barcelona El Prat (BCN) airport you will be met by our staff in arrival area, who will take you to the bus.
  • In Reus (REU) and Girona (GIR) airport you must find the bus waiting for you in parking area, with your team name. Bus company is PLANAS.
  • The bus will take you directly to the tournament office or hotel depending on your arrival time. If you have any troubles finding the person or bus please call: +34 679 864 891 or email:
  • On departure day your bus leaves to airport 4h before your flight (Barcelona El Prat airport) or 3 hours before (Reus airport).
  • Teams arriving with their own transport, should first come to the Futbol Salou and after team check in and agecheck, then continue to the hotel.


Tournament check in and age check

  • All the teams must do tournament check and the age check of all the players on Friday, if flight arrives late on Friday – then on Saturday before the first game, but no later than 45 minutes before the first match.
  • Teams that arrive on Thursday do the age check on Friday. It’s about 20 min walk to Futbol Salou.
  • All players and coaches must be checked with passport or id-card, after which they receive tournament bracelet. To speed up the age check for players, players should be lined by shirt numbers and they should have their passport open with their photo page.
  • Any player who is not able to present his document can not participate in the tournament.
  • Player can play only for one team in the tournament.
  • Please make sure that all the players and coaches have tournament bracelet on. If the bracelet is lost or broken, you can ask new bracelet in the tournament office. Players and coaches have to show passport or id card to get new bracelet. Players and coaches must wear the bracelet until end of the tournament.
PLAYERS, PARENTS, COACHES: Please remember to have photo of passport or id card also on your phone! If the bracelet is lost or broken, you can ask new bracelet in the tournament office. Players and coaches must to show passport or id card to get new bracelet.

Maximum two coaches per team will get tournament bracelets and can be on the team bench during the matches!

Tournament venue and office

All the matches in the tournament will be played at a football venue with 11 full size fields – four natural grass (two hybrid fields) and four artificial grass fields.


  • Fields 1, 4 – natural hybrid grass
  • Fields 2, 3 – natural grass
  • Fields 5, 6, 7, 8 – artificial grass

Tournament office is located in Futbol Salou next to changing rooms.

Tournament office is open:

  • Friday 11-19
  • Saturday and Sunday 08:00-19:00

Futbol Salou

Phone numbers:

  • Simmo +34 679 864 891
  • Nick +34 649 261 328


TEAM LEADERS – Please bring passport or id card photocopy for each person, to speed up the check-in procedure in the hotel/resort. If you don’t bring copy, hotel/resort will keep your passport/id card to take the copies!

Please remember that you – as a team leader and/or coach – you are responsible of your teams/groups behaviour. All players, coaches, parents shall behave appropriately and with discretion at all times, respectful of the Resort/Hotel environment and staff, as well as of other teams/groups.

  • Hotel/resort rules and regulations must be strictly followed.
  • Guests shall behave appropriately and with discretion at all times, respectful of the hotel environment as well as other guests.
  • A curfew of 23:00 has been established for all guests under 18. This is in room/quiet time and is to ensure the health and safety of the younger members of the group and to allow appropriate operation of the hotel.
  • Please respect swimming pool hours and guidelines. All rules and times will be enforced to allow efficient operation of the resort/hotel and for the comfort and safety of all guests.

Meals in the Cambrils Park


Teams who stay in Cambrils Park, receive meal times on the arrival to the resort, meal times must be respected. Meal times are arranged by the playing schedule by Cambrils Park.

Tournament buses Saturday and Sunday

Each team will have designated times when the bus will pick them up from the hotel/resort, about 1h10min before your first match and take back to the hotel/resort (About 10 minutes after your last match). Teams will receive bus times during the tournament check in, also you can find it few days before tournament in my team info page.

  • Bus pickup in the Cambrils Park Resort is Reception 2 (reception closer to the restaurant).


Teams must change and shower in the resort/hotel, as there will be no changing rooms available!

Please bring 6-8 club pennants (one pennant per match), to exchange before the matches.

  • It is strictly forbidden to use football shoes with metal studs!
  • Playing time: 11v11 – 2×20min, 7v7 – 2×12min.
  • Please bring your own balls for warm up!
  • It’s not allowed to warm up on the fields during the matches.
  • Drinking water for the players will be provided for the matches. Please don’t waste water and make sure to throw the empty bottles to the trash bin.
  • Only 2 coaches with tournament bracelet can be on the team bench during the matches.
  • Please be ready next to the field 10 minutes before your match. Please make sure that all the players have tournament bracelets on. If the bracelet is lost or broken, you can ask new bracelet in the tournament office. Players/coaches have to show passport or id card to get a new bracelet. Please remember to have photo of your passport or id card also on your phone!

Teams Behaviour

Any team behaving badly during the competition (protests about referee’s decisions, clashes with rivals or with the organization) can be expelled from the tournament.

  • All serious cases of expulsion will be reported to the football federation in question.
  • Team leaders and coaches of the teams will be responsible for the attitude and behaviour of their players towards referees, opponents, public, organisation and facilities.
  • Any player given a red card is automatically suspended from participation in the following match. The tournament jury can decide about suspension for further game(s). Yellow cards are not accumulated. Severe offences will be reported to the football federation in question.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If a player who is suspended is participating in a match, the team automatically loses the match 3-0.
  • All protests must be handed to a Tournament Official a maximum of 15 minutes after the end of the match. The protest fee is €100 which will be returned if the protest is sustained.
  • No protests against referees will be accepted.
  • All referees are appointed by Catalan Football Federation

Trophy presentation

Tournament trophy presentation takes place on Sunday after the final matches.

  • Each player gets a tournament medal
  • Four best teams of each age group get a tournament trophy
  • Best Player, Top Scorer and Best Goalkeeper and get a tournament trophy (see regulations)

Trophy presentation times:


  • 12:20 B10
  • 15:00 B06
  • 16:15 G04/G06
  • 17:15 B08
  • 17:45 B04

(approximate times)


  • All Clubs must have their players insured both on and off the field. Teams are reminded it is their responsibility to ensure players have their European Health Cards and private insurance details with them.
  • The tournament will not assume responsibility in case of theft or damage to property, injuries or other actions of the public authorities or organization transport due to strikes.
  • Clubs are responsible for the participants at the tournament as they are the ones who have registered stating that all the players are physically able for the event.
  • The tournament is not responsible for the damages that the participants cause to themselves or to other participants during the competition.

Drinks & snacks (Futbol Salou)

  • There will drinks, snacks, sandwiches available in the bar.

Tournament shop (Futbol Salou)

  • There will t-shirts, hoodies, balls etc available in the tournament shop.


  • If you don’t wish to have photos of your team posted on our facebook page, please advise us by email
  • There will be photo service available during the tournament, they offer photo packs (3 photos = 1 team photo + 2 individual photos
    for 15 euros). There will be no obligation to buy any of the photos.